Nurturing growth through collaborative care

QPAH is a Gold Coast team of Registered Music Therapists, Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists who recognise the varied and layered support children and their families need to reach their fullest potential.

About Us

QPAH Gold Coast

Originating on the Gold Coast, Queensland Paediatric Allied Health (QPAH) is dedicated to providing holistic, team-based care for children and adolescents. Our team thrives on a collaborative approach, understanding the diverse needs of families to support children’s fullest potential. With high-level clinicians working together, we focus on your child’s development across various areas, ensuring they are at the centre of our care. We eagerly anticipate partnering with you to achieve their goals.

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    What sets us apart?

    Our Music Therapists

    QPAH is the only clinic in the region that has a team of Registered Music Therapists to make therapy fun and engaging.

    Fully Accessible Clinics

    Our clinics are child-friendly, with sensory-friendly waiting ares, accessible bathrooms and carparking.

    Licensed Therapists

    Our team consists of Registered Music Therapists, Certified Practising Speech Pathologists and Licensed Occupational Therapists.

    Multilingual Speech Pathologists

    QPAH's team consists of two fluent Japanese speaking Speech Pathologists and one Speech Pathologist who is fluent in Farsi.

    Staff Supported by Experience

    Our therapists are supported by our Directors who bring over 35 years of combined experience. 

    Personalised Treatment

    Assessment of your needs and development of a personalised plan are all part of the QPAH experience.

    Meet our Leadership Team

    Hanna Bowler
    Hanna Bowler
    Director & Principal Speech Pathologist Read More
    Monica Zidar
    Monica Zidar
    Director & Principal Registered Music Therapist Read More
    Anna Foran
    Anna Foran
    Clinical Lead Speech Patholgist Read More
    Eliza Fish
    Eliza Fish
    Clinical Lead Registered Music Therapist Read More

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    Latest News and Research

    Find out the latest news about our speech, music and occupational therapy services and information about all your therapy needs.

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