As the esteemed Clinical Lead Speech Pathologist at QPAH, Anna brings a wealth of expertise and a commitment to empowering individuals through effective communication. She completed her Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) at the University of Queensland, establishing a strong foundation for her exceptional practice.

Anna stands out as a bilingual Licensed Speech Language Pathologist, fluent in both English and Japanese. Her proficiency in multiple languages allows her to provide comprehensive and culturally sensitive care to a diverse caseload of children, adults and their families.

With a wide range of clinical experience, Anna has honed her skills in various practice areas, including speech, language, literacy, fluency, voice, social communication, alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) and adult dysphagia. She upholds the values of client-centered care, evidence-based practice, and interprofessional collaboration, ensuring the delivery of top-quality speech pathology services.

Anna’s commitment to continuous professional development is evident through her extensive training certifications. She is proficient in the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), which is an invaluable tool for facilitating effective communication. Moreover, she has attained expertise in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT LOUD), enabling her to empower individuals with improved vocal capabilities. Anna is also certified in Sounds-Write, a comprehensive literacy program that enhances reading and writing skills.


Anna Foran

Beyond her clinical expertise, Anna actively contributes to the QPAH Blog, sharing her knowledge and insights with the community. Her informative posts cover essential topics, including Late Talkers, where she provides guidance to parents seeking to understand their child’s speech development journey. Anna is also responsible for coordinating our ‘Spectrum Connections – Inclusive Connections’ Parent Support Evenings.

Experience the unparalleled care and leadership of Anna, the Clinical Lead Speech Pathologist at QPAH. With her passion, expertise and dedication, she is committed to helping individuals overcome communication challenges and achieve their full potential.