Nourishing Growth: Transforming Mealtime into Moments of Joy and Connection

Gold Coast Feeding Therapy at QPAH
Gold Coast Feeding Therapy at QPAH

Our specialised feeding therapy services, provided by speech pathologists specially trained in responsive feeding and the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) approach to feeding, offer comprehensive support for children facing feeding difficulties. This includes conducting thorough swallowing assessments and addressing feeding challenges in newborn babies. 

Our therapists are skilled in identifying and treating a wide range of feeding issues, from sensory-based aversions to physical difficulties with swallowing. 

By combining evidence-based techniques and a child-centered approach, we create a nurturing environment that encourages positive feeding experiences. 

Our goal is to support not only the child but also to empower families with strategies and knowledge to make mealtime a positive, stress-free experience. 

Whether your child is facing challenges with transitioning to solid foods, experiencing sensory-related feeding issues, or has physical difficulties affecting their ability to feed, our team is here to provide the specialised care and support needed to overcome these obstacles. 

Reach out to us to learn how our feeding therapy services can help your child develop healthy feeding habits and enjoy a variety of foods.