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Unlock the Power of Music in Early Childhood Education with MusicTalk!

QPAH is proud to be the exclusive Gold Coast provider of the acclaimed MusicTalk Early Childhood Educator Training Program, now accessible through the government’s Kindy Uplift Program.

Why Choose MusicTalk?

MusicTalk is a cutting-edge training package crafted by an experienced team consisting of an early childhood teacher, Registered Music Therapist and a Speech Pathologist, specifically for early childhood educators. This engaging program leverages original music to:

No Musical Expertise Required!

Designed for educators who want to harness the power of music intentionally, MusicTalk requires no singing or music-leading experience. Our beautiful backing tracks will guide you effortlessly.

What You’ll Gain

By completing the MusicTalk training, you’ll receive:

  • 15 original music tracks
  • Engaging visuals
  • Practical resources for structured communication
  • 6 hours of CPD (3 hours for face-to-face training and 3 hours to prepare to use the resources in your classroom)

MusicTalk is a cost-effective, accessible resource that can be seamlessly integrated into various parts of your kindergarten or childcare day. Empower yourself and your students with the transformative power of music.

Join the movement! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionise your teaching approach. Embrace MusicTalk and watch your students thrive.

What you'll learn more about . . .

Oral Communication
Social Communication
Communication Partners
Thinking and Responding
Muisc and Movement

What others say about MusicTalk . . .

I work as an early childhood development program teacher whose students really embrace music and positively engage their learning when music is incorporated. I valued learning new ways to read a story to my students using musical instruments, voice alterations, levels of questioning and visual prompts. I liked how the songs and activities shown in the course allows for an interactive, hands-on engagement for the students. I am by no means a singer, but I cannot wait to sing the learnt songs from this course to further support my student's language and vocabulary within my classroom!

Kylie Burns Senior Teacher

Get your FREE MusicTalk sample song and resource now!

Meet the Instructors

Monica Zidar
Monica Zidar
Director & Principal Registered Music Therapist Read more
Eliza Fish
Clinical Lead Registered Music Therapist Read more
Anna Foran
Clinical Lead Speech Pathologist Read more

Book now and take the first step toward a musically enriched educational experience!

Kindy Uplift Program

The Queensland Government is increasing its investment in early childhood education, inviting all approved kindergarten providers to participate in Kindy uplift.

Kindy uplift funding is being used to respond to children’s learning and development needs through evidence-based initiatives that lift outcomes for kindergarten children.

MusicTalk is a program that provides resources and professional developmet to build educator capability and support inclusion in all approved kindergarten programs, including sessional and long day care kindergarten services.

MusicTalk fits within the main priority area of Kindy uplift as it strengthens children’s access to, and meaningful participation in, the full range of kindergarten experiences by enhancing speech and language development through music.

Specifically, MusicTalk fits with the priority areas of: 

  • Culturally safe, inclusive and responsive kindergarten programs
  • Equity and Access for all
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Executive function
  • Oral language and Literacy