Monica Zidar, a visionary and accomplished professional, is the founder and Managing Director of ‘Tweedle – The Home of Music with Monica‘. Her groundbreaking contributions to Music Therapy have garnered accolades, establishing her organisation as the longest-running provider of Neurologic and clinical Music Therapy services in the Gold Coast region. Monica’s transformative work spans clinic, community, and school settings, making a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals.

With over two decades of experience in paediatric allied health, Monica brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Director of Queensland Paediatric Allied Health. Throughout her career, she has dedicated herself to working with disabled, neurodivergent, and autistic children. Monica’s approach is rooted in neurodivergent-affirming practices and philosophies, emphasising collaboration with the child and their family to identify strengths and empower them to achieve their goals.

Monica’s remarkable leadership and contributions to the field were recognized when she was appointed as Vice President of the Australian Music Therapy Association in October 2022. This prestigious appointment highlights her exceptional dedication and expertise in advancing the field of Music Therapy.

Her commitment to the field extends beyond her direct practice. As a founding Director of the charity Everyone Deserves Music, she has raised funds to provide grants for school-based Music Therapy to hundreds of children in South East Queensland, creating greater accessibility to therapeutic services.

Her outstanding contributions have been further acknowledged with the prestigious Richard Thompson Award for Excellence in Music Therapy in 2014, honouring her outstanding service to the profession. Monica’s ongoing pursuit of excellence has led her to attain certification as a Neurologic Music Therapist, completing additional training with The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy in 2016. She has also pursued additional training in counselling and Key Word Sign, further expanding her therapeutic repertoire.


Monica Zidar

As a clinical supervisor for the University of Melbourne, Monica provides valuable clinical placements to students pursuing the Masters of Music Therapy degree. Guiding a team of four Registered Music Therapists, she remains steadfast in her commitment to advancing high-quality, evidence-based Music Therapy services and fostering collaboration throughout Queensland.

Join Monica on a transformative journey where music becomes a catalyst for growth, empowerment, and healing. Her visionary leadership, dedication to her clients’ well-being, and unwavering commitment to advancing the field of Music Therapy make her a beacon of inspiration within the allied health community. With her recent appointment as Vice President of the Australian Music Therapy Association, Monica continues to shape the future of the profession, driving progress and advocating for the transformative power of music in therapy.