Children dressed as clowns
Child laughing
Children in dress up

Laugh and Learn at the QPAH Comedy Club!

Brighten your child’s school holidays with our QPAH Comedy Club!

This unique group is designed for children,  to explore the art of humour.

They will practice using language to cultivate humour, make jokes with friends, and learn to respond and ask for clarification when jokes aren’t understood.

The many benefits . . .

1. Enhances Language Skills:

Encourages creativity in using language to make jokes.

Improves vocabulary and comprehension through humour.

2. Boosts Social Interaction:

Helps children build friendships through shared laughter.

Develops communication skills by practicing joke-telling and responding.

3. Promotes Cognitive Development:

Enhances critical thinking and understanding of different perspectives.

Encourages problem-solving when interpreting the meaning of jokes.

4. Supports Emotional Well-being:

Provides a fun and positive environment for children to express themselves.

Boosts self-esteem and confidence through successful social interactions.

All the Details:

When: Tues, 2nd July, 2024

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Where: QPAH Southport – 120 Queen Street, Southport, QLD, 4215

Give your child the gift of laughter and learning these school holidays. Sign up for QPAH Comedy Club and watch them grow, laugh, and connect with friends!

Register now and let the fun begin!

Cost (to be finalised and dependent on final group numbers - range below is indicative)