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Looking to start therapy next week?

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Book here for MusicTalk Early Childhood Educator Training Courses

MusicTalk assists educators to systematically build communication skills using music.

MusicTalk will:

  • reinforce typical development milestones for kindy children.
  • help educators target sound play with sounds that are relevant for kindy children.
  • build social communication skills that promotes regulation and prepares children for learning.
  • build grammar and vocab through structured music and literacy play.
  • explore the different styles for leading and engaging with children.
  • share the power of music and open the door to many new music experiences.

The length of the course is approximately 3 hours. Another 3 hours is acknowledged for practicing and becoming familiar with songs, printing, and organise resources and trialling the songs at home or with a group. All up the certificate of completion references 6hrs of professional development.