With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, Eliza is a dynamic and vibrant Clinical Lead Registered Music Therapist at QPAH. In addition to her role at the clinic, Eliza is dedicated to supervising students studying to become Registered Music Therapists at the University of Melbourne.

Eliza’s impressive qualifications include an MMusThy from the University of Queensland and a BMus from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Her professional expertise extends to a wide range of communities, including families with young children, special education settings, and pediatric health settings. Through her unwavering passion, Eliza champions the well-being of her clients, utilising the transformative power of music to foster their growth.

Recognizing the significance of holistic support, Eliza is equally committed to nourishing the well-being of her fellow allied health professionals. She possesses a deep passion for mentorship and provides invaluable professional and clinical supervision, empowering her colleagues to prioritise their own health and thrive in their respective practices.

To enhance her skills and knowledge, Eliza has completed specialised training courses, including the:

  • Institute Training with The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy
  • Successful Supervision – Supervisor Training for Allied Health.


Eliza Fish

Eliza currently works part-time at QPAH, where she offers music therapy sessions and provides supervision on Mondays to Thursdays. Her dedication to her profession, extensive experience, and commitment to mentoring make her an invaluable asset to both her clients and the aspiring music therapists she guides at the University of Melbourne.

Registered Music Therapist
Masters in Music Therapy
Member Australian Music Therapy Association
Neurologic Music Therapist