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Joint Music and Speech Therapy Sessions

Does your child love music? Do they require support with their communication? Joint Music and Speech Therapy Sessions might be for you!

Joint Music and Speech Therapy can positively impact multiple domains of a child’s development including communication, emotional regulation, engagement, and attention.

Written by Montana Nuvoli


Joint Music and Speech Therapy have been reported to assist in increasing language development in children by:

  • Helping children to understand and develop the meaning associated with words.
  • Learn new vocabulary.
  • Increase spontaneous use of verbal output and/or signing.

Joint Music and Speech Therapy can also aid speech development by:

  • Encouraging vocalisations.
  • Creating an environment to learn and master new speech sounds.
  • Improving breath support.
  • Reducing echolalia.

Research data suggests that 75% of children who participate in joint sessions display more confidence in their communication, and 100% of children demonstrate a wider range of effective communication methods.


Joint Music and Speech Therapy can also support children in their development and regulation of emotions by:

  • Helping children become more confident in their communicative skills.
  • Providing children with the support to learn how to empathise and provide emotional support for others.
  • Encouraging children to demonstrate skills in emotional expression, resulting in behavioural improvements.

Parental research data highlights that 80% of children engaging in joint sessions display positive improvements in their emotional regulation abilities.


Joint sessions have also been shown to enhance engagement within tasks and meaningful relationships: This has been shown through:

  • Greater involvement in the classroom.
  • A decrease in off task behaviours.
  • Increase in engagement with family and friends at school and in the community.
  • Increased number of interactions with others.

Research collected from parents of children undertaking joint sessions, states that 95% of attending children have become more willing to engage in a wider range of activities.


Literature also indicates that Joint Speech and Music Therapy can positively impact a child’s attentional skills, highlighting that through joint sessions children are more motivated to engage, focus, and increase their attention span in communication and activities with others. Research data also indicates that 60% of children who engage in joint sessions display an increase in their sustain attention in tasks and activities.

If you feel that your child may benefit from Joint Music and Speech Therapy, please contact Queensland Paediatric Allied Health’s Gold Coast speech therapy and music therapy clinic by contacting us through our enquiry form.