Occupational therapy Gold Coast

Gold Coast Occupational Therapy for Kids: Unlock Your Child’s Brightest Future

At QPAH, occupational therapy plays a crucial role in helping children overcome obstacles that impede their daily lives, fostering independence, and enhancing their overall quality of life. This form of therapy is particularly beneficial for kids facing developmental delays, physical disabilities, sensory processing issues, or social and emotional challenges. For families residing on the Gold […]

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Music therapy and autism

Music Therapists and Speech Pathologists Collaborating to Support Autistic Children

Autistic children can experience challenges communicating their wants and needs and advocating for themselves, which can impact their social and emotional development. Speech pathologists and music therapists are two professions that can support autistic children’s communication development. Collaboration between these two professions can offer a more comprehensive approach to support autistic children’s communication development from […]

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